Feedback Platform

Create your own and unique information system.


Application model

The Platform allows you to create your own applications according to your needs. Applications can be distibuted and updated as packages to other clients.
The Application includes objects such as Modules, Components, Tasks, Icons, Files, SQL sctipsts, Automation processes.

Entity Model

Every important entity in your business can be part of a platform. Each entity has a name, icon, properties, image and related tasks.
An entity can be a cost center, department, project, product, employee, user, role, etc.


The living element of the platform is automation, which ensures all the necessary activities in the background.
Datawarehouses, scheduling, monitoring, mail notifications and so on.


Technology for data exchange between companies using standalone DataBox Nodes.
Databox is using compression, encryption and automation. Can be used for data distribution and data collection.

PC, Web and Mobile

Powerful Windows client with web support and interconnected Website provides the necessary combination and benefits of both environments.
The Website can be easily used to create mobile barcode terminals with barcode support.


Inovative workspace for your favorite items and place for your ideas. Desktop can be shared among users and exported as a file.
The Desktop can contain Tasks, Entities, Texts, Files, File shortcuts, Screenshots, Images, Web Links, Free hand drawings, Running tasks, Tables, etc.


A key component for working with data. Integrates table, form, chart and visual view in one control. Provides data presentation, data editing and drill downs. Includes variants, grouping, aggregations, images, cell styling, data adapters, layouts, relations to other components and much more.


The platform supports localization for different languages and different number and date formats.
It allows the translation of the user interface, column headings, dialogs and data.


Integration with Microsoft Office.
interoperability with Excel, Word and Outlook. PDF document generation, barcode labels, printing.


Support for many types of barcodes.
QR Code, Code 39, EAN, DataMatrix, Aztec, atc.


Data visualization in 2D and 3D.
The visualization control allows you to create custom gauges and visuals. You can use them to present data as well as edit data.


The platform contains unique controls that are part of the platform and developers can use them in their Feedback applications.
These controls include GridView, FormView, CodeView, WebView, VisualView, Barcode and more.


Feedback Platform works with Microsoft software.

Windows 7+, Office 2010+, SQL Server 2017+, .NET Framework 4.8, ASP.NET, IIS, Azure, Visual Studio